About us

Our association aims to unite environmental protection firms, social organisations and interested private individuals active in the recollection, pretreatment and recycling of valuable waste in Hungary and to serve as a professional forum for the development of the environmental management industry and the protection of the environment. We aim to enable the Hungarian investments and projects of foreign enterprises and private individuals with international experience that intend to improve the management of the environment in Hungary.

Our plans

We plan to enable significant growth in our country over the coming years in waste recollection, in domestic waste recovery, in the capacities of enterprises that convert wastes into products, and in the protection of our environment, with the cooperation of experienced international small and medium enterprises.


It is a high priority for our association to assist in the domestic introduction of waste recollection and preparation systems that have proven to work efficiently internationally. As a professional organisation we cater to and manage the preparations for the domestic introduction of such systems. With the introduction of new waste recollection systems we plan to animate the Hungarian waste recovery industry, which in turn should lead to the creation of new sustainable jobs all over the country. With the newly created activities in treatment, production and manufacturing our environmental management industry can contribute significantly to the total output of the Hungarian national economy. Growth in the activities of the waste recovery industry will enable our country to exceed the regulations and the expectations of the EU within environmental protection and environmental management. The decades long experience and practice of our association and of its specialists in the preparation and introduction of recollection systems, in the creation of enterprises active in Hungary and internationally, and in the management of international liaisons and cooperation will serve as a guarantee that our objectives will be met.

Novelties, measures

Our association closely monitors the expectations of the EU and of Hungary with regard to environment protection, as well as the development of the Hungarian waste management industry in terms of technology and treatment, and the transformation of communal services. We have developed a technical proposal for our Government within the field of environmental management in order to promote the success of those transformations. Our proposal covers the means of communal waste treatment, the range of wastes to be collected selectively, and the reorientation of valuable wastes from communal and other landfills to the recovery chain of valuable wastes.

Our mission

It is our mission to achieve a reduction in the ecological footprint of Hungary as a result of our social activities.
As a non-profit association it is our goal to raise awareness among our population and to provide information in order to increase the amount of valuable waste that is recycled in a controlled fashion in Hungary. It is our mission to enable our members to conduct their activities more economically and with greater operational safety through our collaborations and joint market actions.

As a non-profit organisation it is our mission to advance the achievement of the goals set by our association’s founders and by its presidium, to promote environmental management and the waste management industry in Hungary. It is our mission to assist the government of Hungary in the establishment of a sustainable system, growing year over year, for the selective collection and recovery of waste in Hungary.